Friday, July 11, 2008

Family Ties "Chapter 1"

As previously stated, I have been spending more time with my family. Two days ago I picked up my pops and took him to Hollywood, I gave him the tour, re-visited familiar stops and what have you. Mind you, my Dad has a disability due to his former addiction to drugs. Basically, he has a hard time getting around.
I'm not a stranger to disaster, especially of this sort. I'm better from all these experiences, made me into the person I am today.
Ever since I left home for school, life has changed drastically for me. Everything aiming for the better. I had a clear vision of the road ahead of me and I had just gained a new found clarity that helped me grow into a well adjusted person. All was illuminated.

Unfortunately things weren't looking up; back at the old house. To save a long and complex entry I'm gonna try and keep it short. Because not only do I think this would be better transcribed into multiple chapters, but I also do not want to put any of you to sleep. I'm considerate that way.

So, back to the rant. School's over and some time has passed since I've been part of a functional household. Judging from the occasional visit and weekend phone call. I assumed things were just as they always were - chaotic yet controlled. My rational was always to the tune of "Oh, this is nothing. Just give it a few days. Someone will get over it." Boy, was I wrong!

I guess my occasional appearances have morphed into mandatory sit ins where I get to play the moderator! So now I get to wear this **** hat. I guess sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Anyhow, so quickly after breaking up an argument involving my pops and multiple parties. I offered him a trip to my apartment. This marking the first time I invited him to my diggs. Like I said, long story. So after a few stops here and there and a bite to eat at Grecco's, I offer to drive him up to my zen spot. A place where I have felt an instant attraction to since my move to Hollyweird. So, we're cruising down Mullholand Drive and without hesitation I bank a hard right into the woodsy area better known as the Hollywood Hills. The place where the rich and famous dwell.

Now I'm pointing at houses, admiring the views. My Dad's doing the same, smiling at my innocence while I childishly name off the celebrities that live in the area. He's laughing and almost snickering at my ambitions to one day purchase homes for everyone. I can't blame him because I don't know how long I have been saying that to everyone. One of my Mom's favorite quotes to me "Son, don't count all your chickens before they hatch!!!"

So we're winding up and down the concrete hills as we get closer to my zen. I turn down a long road taking us behind the Hollywood reservoir, a side of Hollywood that my pops has never seen. A few more turns and we're driving through the Lake Hollywood Estates. I tell my Dad to look up, to see the iconic Hollywood sign in all of it's glory. He flinches and mutters "you can throw a rock and hit it, if you wanted to." I laugh because he always says that.

Now just around the bend is an incline that leads to a separate neighborhood but before it, is a small little turn out that leads to a cliff where you can see the entire reservoir and some of the city, the Hollywood sign is also in full view.

I used to come to this spot when I was feeling stressed, when I felt like too much was sitting on my shoulders I would let go and take in the beauty. I would gaze at the Hollywood sign and think of how many people have sat here, at this very spot where I'm sitting, to do the same exact thing I'm doing. It was sort of my therapy.

So, we park (illegally) and my Dad gets out and walks to the ledge. I follow. He turns to me and says "Did you know I used to take you here when you were just a baby? This exact place used to put you to sleep." I stood there speechless, as I just stumbled upon this great discovery.

The next few minutes, I stood quiet with my Father as we looked out at the reservoir and for what seemed like the first time in a long time, there was peace between us.

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Anonymous said...

wow, fantastic display of story telling here. very personal and relevant to the theme of your blog. i'm hooked mr. darko.

karen said...

I can relate John.

Steve Bartelli said...

I am also not a stranger to the fight John. I live in the heart of NY and even though I am not in Hollywood I feel like I face the same adversity's. Keep the heat on sir, good stuff.

☮~alapoet~☠ said...

That's a great piece of writing, John.

Quite powerful.

Tag said...

Nicely done sir! I wish I had a story like this to share, most of my "dad" stories are a bit darker in ending. There were some moments of genius though and I need to figure out how to tie those moments into what made me the person I am today. In a Henry Miller sorta way. :-)

chris said...

Looks like me and you have a lot in common with our families and our ties between eachother. I recently had somewhat of a similar occurance in my life with my pop and family recently. Thanks for the tips last night brotha! cant have sweet without sour. i hear you!breathe