Monday, June 30, 2008

Will work for...

Hey everybody. Thought I'd talk a little bit about my current job situation and for that matter everybody else's.

For the past three and a half months, I've had my nose to the grindstone. I've been getting up early, circling the classifieds, phoning companies direct, combing internet websites and what have you but still no luck. I've came pretty close to the tune of a few interviews. But even then I had to come back and resell myself to every higher up until I can finally get the obligatory "we're just going to go with someone else" speech. I've even been promised jobs in return for my services. Nice try but no cigar.

The funny thing is...I'm not complaining. The farther and farther I get in this industry, the more and more I start to understand how it works. It's natural to feel like you're failing when facing the monolith that is Hollywood. Think about it, this place is the Mecca for the common American dream. Only in Hollywood (and well maybe New York) can you walk down the boulevard and meet tons of would be signers, dancers, actors, writers, painters, directors...hell, the place where they film "American Idol" is only a hop, skip and a jump away from my apartment. Irony in it's finest moment, if you ask me.
Everyday we fight to be heard and sad to say, it's one fierce competition after another.
So I'll give anybody credit for making it out here to fulfill a dream, swimming with the sharks and testing the waters to see what you're made of. No matter what, this world will still spin and propel forward. We should act accordingly.

But I figured that I'll take a rest from this ravenous cat and mouse game. Only long enough to re-connect with my creative side. I need to sharpen the blades, reload on some ammo. Finish a script or two. Then it's time to unload on this city. Figuratively of course, lol.
Every now and then, you have to look at your cards and readjust. Wait for the good hand : ) Hang in there friends! Remember, you've made it this far.
This has been another public service announcement from John Darko. Paid for by Ramen Noodles.

By the way...just watched Wanted, it was awesome! Comments anyone?

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Amir said...

Im feeling you on the job situations bro. Nice post though. Really honest!

Anonymous said...

nice work here

jcorn said...

Still digging and loving this blog. Smiling at the "brought to you by Ramen Noodles" part, one that could be echoed by many I know in Hollywood. Not resorting to eating any Fried Spam, even the vegetarian kind, yet..I guess?

granma47 said...

You just hang in there, young man. You have a wonderful attitude and sound like a very sweet person. I am an Old lady from Texas, and I just want to tell you Jesus loves you and keep on keepin' on! Reland1 visit me at

Karen (Warners) said...

Been following your work via Email subscription and I must say for the short time being subscribed I feel a personal connection to you and your work. I sent you an email greeting this morning, don't know if you have received it yet but I might be able to get you a pitch meeting with a major studio. Respond and we will talk more. I agree with everyone above, please keep it up. We need fresh and genuine talent in this city John Darko.

Tag said...

Found your blog via Slack. A great commentary in the struggle for balance throughout life.

As for Wanted...freakin' awesome! For me it captured well what the comic book was saying. I was kind of bummed with the Angeline backside shot as she looked even thinner than usual to a point of sick. I told my girlfriend that she definitely got the better deal with James McAvoy!

Having spent the majority of my life in Chicago it is always great to see my City on film as well. Several of the scenes took place just blocks from where I worked for 6 years.