Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Entry - 06.19.08

Hello world. So this is my first post and I think it's only fair to expose you to the type of work I do. First and foremost I am a Filmmaker. This is my passion, to make films. But as most of you already know...the Filmmaking business is a tough one, to say the least. So I do other things to keep me busy. Like when I'm not banging my head on top of my desk for my next "great idea" I'm working as a Photographer and when I'm not doing that I'm a Graphic Art Designer and in between it all, I am a Writer.

I try to stay complex to keep me afloat.

But please let me explain my twisted logic behind creating a blog page. I intend to get personal, I think when people initially hear the word Hollywood they automatically go to a place in their heads that swells flashing lights, glitz, glam and all of the unnecessary excess YOU see on TV. And for the most part, it's all true! Making it even harder for someone like me to stay focused. So not only will you be exposed to my work, as it happens. But...

You will be my readers as I commence to author the non-fiction of my life.

Hopefully you'll find the things I do interesting enough to stick around. Maybe we can talk about relationships and why I suck so bad at them or maybe we can have pancakes and talk about the weather. You decide. So, thank you in advance for spending some time with me. Below you will find links to all my respected trades. Browse accordingly.

5 Ways to Split Apart the Day

My first feature film in development. Co-wrote and produced with my partner Jeremy Thomas.


Networking at it's best.

My YouTube Site

Here you'll find various clips of just randomness. Some stuff serious and well, some stuff completely off beat.

My Flickr Page / Photography Work

Self explanatory. Bookmark this page, some exciting photos coming soon.


Everyone's gotta have a funny side right?

My IMDB Page

Industry Standard.

My Digg Page

I like to digg.


jcorn said...

I'm enjoying your blog greatly. If you ever want anyone to interview you, even before you have your inevitable fame and glory... :)

Anonymous said...

Massively impressive body of work. You will make it John. Just hang in there.

serenity said...

Love u.

John Darko said...


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