Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just sitting around cracking coconuts...

Imagine a tiny voice emanating from a spider's web as I yell salutations towards my iMac screen. Wow, that sounded like an oxymoron of the weirdest proportions. I seriously don't know why I was just thinking of Charlotte's Web.
It's strange how random stuff just pops into your mind. Especially when you're blogging, because then you're forced to write it down. Well, that's how I do it. Lol.
So tonight I'm going to rant about whatever floats on to the good ole' noggin and in real time folks! As you know, it's been a blazing hot summer (thus far) and the torture we've endured at that "maniacal tragic kingdom" which is better know as "the gas station" has been less then forgiving. I say this because not only is it fact that our economy sucks but our current crisis have seeped into the nooks and cranny's of my well-being.
I mean when you're forced to make life decisions in favor of a full tank. You know somethings up.
Literally as I'm watching my tank fill gallon by gallon, I'm looking into the future and calculating how long I can continue living on soup and crackers. The crazy part is, I've already handed over my precious Mustang for a cheaper and more eco-friendly Toyota. But still I feel like there's a hole in my tank. Lol.

It's not like I'm cruising around wasting time and clogging up road ways either. From time to time, I like to see my family in West Covina. For the gesture, I fork over about twenty bucks (give or take). Multiply that by three or four then take the remainder and multiply it once more, but this time by fifty-two and now you will see the equation of a big fat sad face! It's funny because I know some people who beg to differ, stating that evolution is in effect and how we all need to adjust ourselves to inflation, blah, blah, blah and what have you. Adjust? I swear it felt like yesterday gas was a buck cheaper and even though it might be an inevitable fact that the worst is yet to come I still feel the need to rant and roll all over this page. I'm surprised now and I will be then. Call me an optimist, better yet an idealist because I'm still hoping for better days.

Moving on : )

I just received a text message from my alluring friend DeadlyCyn suggesting that I talk about Vegans and cameras. She's pretty awesome because she lets me stand outside of her window with my glow in the dark "Kanye West" shades while she eats Boca burgers without me. Lol.

So, I don't know much about the Vegan lifestyle because I am what they refer to as a "carnivore". I know right, get with the times dude! Everywhere I go there's a Vegan restaurant or cafe packed with locals munching on tofu and crafty dishes made out of mung beans. I was even fooled once into thinking that I was eating a delicious beef burrito when it turned out to be a delicious veggie-beef burrito. I felt betrayed yet dismayed that it was so good. Lol! All in all, Vegans kick ass as long as they're not tossing molitof cocktails towards research buildings but that's a whole different topic entirely. Something that I do not even want to get into. So yeah, I might even be swayed into converting one day, my body needs it. Apologies for the stereotype.

On to cameras.

Well, I like to believe that the actual camera is fifty percent of the photo. The rest is in the craftsmanship. Ya know boring stuff like composition, framing, foreground vs. background, artificial light vs. natural, etc. If you happen to be a budding photographer then I suggest you put more focus into your art and habit rather then gear and accessories. For example...

  • Pick up your camera and start shooting. Doesn't have to be a special occasion, just go out and capture nature at it's finest.
  • Try manual focusing, play around with exposure settings and shutter speeds. Run the gamut!
  • Get into photojournalism, take trips just for the sake of a decent photo.
  • Take a lot of pictures. I have an estimate of nine-thousand edited photos in my hard drive.
  • Do some favors! Know any actors, models? Help em' out in return for a good mention. You'll be surprised how fast word can travel.
  • Last but not least, start a flickr account chronicling your progress. Then add me as a friend and I'll swoop in and give you the obligatory thumbs up!!!
But if we absolutely must talk about make and model, direct your browsers to and check out Sigma. Personal opinion, they make the best image sensors. Crystal clear! I have a variety of gear but love my Sigma sd10 the most. Also pay attention to lenses, shop around and see what brand has more to offer in that department. Google B&H photo and Calumet for the best shops in your area and please stay away from E-bay scammers.

So, I think I'm done for tonight. I feel the need for a smoke break. After I'm gonna chill out with some tea and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Gotta get my Apatow fix. So this commences my instant spontaneous blog entry. This message will self destruct whenever I find the technology to make that happen.

New Beck album "Modern Guilt" is great on the ears.

An hour before I started to blog, I was sitting around with a friend cracking coconuts hence the title.

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sarah h. said...

pretty informative for a top of the noggin post. good work john.