Saturday, July 5, 2008

"FlickrMania" Part Uno

Nothing special today, just a minor update. Been standing next to my freezer trying to escape the scorching sun.
"The shade is a tool, a device, a savior!" Anyone know where that's from?
A lyric, perhaps. So yesterday was interesting. Aside from going another holiday without someone to love, I managed to haul my camera around for some quick photos. Check em' out below, either click on the photo or
click here. This linkage will take you straight to my flickr page where you can add me, smack me or do whatever you'd like.

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That's all for today : )

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jcorn said...

I had no idea you were a talented photographer too but..of course you would be or you wouldn't be in film, would you (slapping my head).

You should check out the Hot for Words article I wrote, a profile piece, if only because I sense maybe you could do a film collaboration, considering sexy Marina has some pull (#1 on YouTube) and is smart, too. As are you. (imagine smile or favorite emotion of choice here). It is currently article #3 on my page, I think so you'd have to scroll past the one about the guy who took 150 party balloons and a lawn chair and flew...somewhere.

Just thinking about it makes me a bit airsick. I do not like heights when I'm not in a plane or at least a helicopter. Not a lawn chair. Not me. Not ever. Hopefully. Thanks for reading this...thesis.