Sunday, July 13, 2008

Drunken Memories

Last night I had an interesting visit from a familiar face. It was two o'clock in the morning and I was having an interesting conversion with a shark when I heard a light knocking at my door. Suddenly I was whisked away from the beach side cafe I frequent in my dreams, where animals and sea creatures play chess for golden doubloons and was quickly taken back to that harsh reality we've all grown accustomed to, better known as life. Apologies for the pessimistic zinger, it's late and I'm hungry.

Anyhow...slowly the face emerges from the dark hallway, the first thing I see, a set of red eyes complete with droopy eyelids. Fantastic! It's my old school buddy, Manuel. A little insight if I may. Manuel and I met in the sixth grade and have stayed in contact ever since. If there ever was a guy who has always been there, metaphorically speaking; standing on top of something high to keep a look out, it has to be this dude. Hope that made sense.

So, we're walking outside for a quick smoke. I've already noticed his pistol grip on the Tecate tall can and the little shuffles one makes when inebriated. Mind you, I'm already smiling on the inside because this is the Manuel I've grown accustomed to love. I couldn't count the times, I've experienced the same late night occurrence. All is well.

So I'm puffing away sharing a cigarette with my bud, when all of a sudden...he starts to cry. Nothing new. Not a moment goes by when he starts to list off the greatest hits of our collective memory as the local street kings of the city. Figuratively speaking, of course. For two straight hours we reminisced, smoked, reminisced and smoked some more. Mind you, I'm handling this visit as routine as I should. I'm trying not to get too sentimental and quite honest, I'm patiently waiting to go back to sleep. Then it hits me.
You know how all writers say "there's always that one great story inside of you". Well, I think I found mine and it was staring at me, asking for another cigarette.
I like to imagine that I've been around the world and back, when I'm thinking about the very memories that can proof positive make a grown man cry. They are dear to me and maybe one day I'll get to publish it all. That would be a major milestone in my career and I'm looking forward to it.

Manuel is pictured center, knocked out having a good time.

Thank you Manuel for never losing faith in your boy and thanks to the rest of my friends and family who have undoubtedly inspired me to become everything I am today. I will never give up the fight!

Good night world. I'm literally falling asleep as I type now. Thank you for reading...there will be more.

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