Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FAA Computer Problems Delayed My Friggin' Flight

faa delays
MINI UPDATE: Today would of marked my fist time traveling to NY; on a private charter no less. But some hiccup with the FAA has caused my flight to be delayed, leaving me to re-schedule a meeting with a would-be literary agent.

No biggie, I get to kick back today and watch a screening of Towelhead with my buddy Jason. Cool thing is; after the film, Alan Ball will be present for a brief Q&A. Alan wrote and directed the film but is better know for his previous work as creator of the hit series Six Feet Under and writer of the Academy Award Winning masterpiece American Beauty. I'll be back tomorrow with a review of the film.

Sorry if anybody's flight was delayed, I know how hectic airports can get at a time like this. My friend and I once dubbed LAX to be "Satan's Asshole" and especially on a hot day like this, I think the title is more then appropriate.

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rosalie said...

aaaah.. time travelling's quite interesting:

dreaming dreaming dreaming :)

Michelle said...

i would love to go to ny. i'm from chicago, haven't really been out of state other then my summer trip two years ago to athens. so beautiful.

Euroangel said...

wow hope to go to ny next time...been to las vegas n ca last time..very cool blog here...

please feel free to visit my other sites..thanks in advance..have fun!! have a great day!!

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