Monday, August 24, 2009

PSA: Screw the Economy!

Good morning friends, as I write this I am caught in between rest and some sort of massive attack. As you may or may not know, I have been busy with my debut film "5 Ways to Split Apart the Day" you can easily find a back story regarding my exploits into the film industry, just click on anything you see here, I'm hoping you'll find easy navigation seeing that everything I post on this site is more than fitting.

Without question; our journey has just begun. Considering the current phase of the economy, ventures seeking opportunity have been without financial reward and it is more than an understandable premise when everyone is in a state of panic.

I suggest: no matter what the world chooses to do or not do, you should always follow your ambitions.
Regardless of what logic might recommend to you, I say ditch the notion and stick with your gut. Actions based on what your heart tells you to do will always fetch an appropriate response; sooner or later. You can quote me on that!

I can say this because I am in motion and have been for a long time now. Even though I'm still struggling with the day-to-day grind, I am happy and proud of myself for not giving up.

Rewards can be measured in so many ways. Since the conception of this project, I have met some of the most talented, desired, kind and genuine people one can only hope to meet. I imagine that this is what God had intended for me and I appreciate it wholeheartedly.

We are now approaching our final phase in financing. Hopefully, I will get to update you daily with as much content as possible. I'll have a "behind the scenes" video posted in a few days, just trying to get through some of this business stuff first. Don't want to break anything prematurely but there are some other projects in development; all worth mentioning. Thank you and have a good day. I am off to work!

- 5 Ways Team
John Darko

Un Certain Regard:
April Wade, Dennis Benson, Derrick Oliver, David M. Brewer, Rich Araujo, Ana Menendez, Mervin Luwee, Brian Altounian, Jeremy Ian Thomas, Jamie Bialkower, Ernie Panza, Theo Caesar, Brian Larrabee, Anthony Cincotta, 5 Ways Actors, staff and crew.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks John, for your encouraging words. Can't wait for 5 Ways!

Ares said...

i know with the economy going down the toilet im sure movie attendances have gone down the toilet as well....i hope this does not affect you in the least : )

domain names said...

No, i think movies will go up in sales as people look to spend their money on entertainment in a strict fashion.

rain said...

I think this is a great website. I love how its called HOllyweird lol lol great description jsut within the title.

rain said...

I think this is a great website. I love how its called HOllYweird lol lol great description just within the title.Its so true about Gut feelings, still in the process of really paying attention to it. I do wish one day to quote you on it :)

James William said...

its really great..
very encouraging..

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