Monday, September 15, 2008

What the Flurge is Going on Here?!

flurgeI picked up a new word today: Flurge.

FLURGE v. A cross between flush and purge "I flurged the wax from my ears." Related searches: flurg, flirge, flerge, flerg, flerj flirj Related searches: flurge, flurg, flirge, flerge, flerj.

I was watching SNL last night and thus discovered a new word that I can so happily butcher into my vocabulary cluster-*uck.

flurge on snl

The word flurge is obviously fun to say but let's face it; the meaning blows. So let's come up with some new definitions, let's just hope that people catch on.

1. FLURGE: A sudden gesture usually executed unexpectedly and intended to scare the crap out of your significant other.
Inflected Form(s): Flurged, Flurging.

2. FLURGE: Expletive slang for having intercourse in public.
Inflected Form(s): Flurged, Flurging.

3. FLURGE: "Your meaning here" - Go ahead, comment a new definition.


In other news, more relevant to the topic of this blog: Tomorrow I have an interview with a production company in Beverly Hills about an editing position, hopefully this will take me out of my extreme financial situation...not counting on it though. Also will be seeing Choke.

Well, I need to brush up some film school knowledge, don't want to look like an idiot during my interview. Wish me luck because I hate being poor.

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Melanie S Needham said...

I'm afraid "Flurge"
will forever be etched
into my brain now.
I'll have to come up
with something or I'll go
flurging crazy!!

Good luck with your
You won't need the job for
too long any way... you're
going to make it big one day.
I have faith in you. :)

rosalie said...

my 1st association: ghostbusters.. don't know why, couldn't do any against xD

flurge, the -,: a person who 'acts' (in the true sense of the word) in a slimy way to reach his/her purposes, with the gloves off, while loosing his/her overview :P

2nd association: bluebottle..

or- what ya think about 'miracle'?

hmm- it's freaking out a bit but i'm nearly falling in love with the flurge :P

thanx for making me smile on this strange afternoon and your words- i love them, glad i'd found your space in the space.

Anonymous said...

3a) Good Luck with the interview
3) A Flurge is a fire in candle factory.

The Link Back Project said...

Came by a circle surfin, and wanted to let you know I bookmarked you on

Ellumbra said...

Flurge - a desperate (but only to be realised in dreams)& compelling desire to fly.

Flurge - the ability toothpaste has to leave the tube, unassisted.

Flurge - the highly antisocial act of sneezing into a powdery substance - icing sugar, flour or cocaine.

Flurge - a rare and troublesome form of flatulence - with a moisture content above tolerance level.

moscow fish said...

flurge is what a tuba player does to expel the excess moisture from a tuba. you depress the flurge valve to effect a proper flurging. a good flurge leaves a bit of a mess.
flurge is an assistant directors term meaning a square banana.."get that background guy to flurge as he approaches the b cam"..
flurge is the secret ingredient in KFC...
flurge is another term for trapped gas...
flurge is a sexual position from the kama sutra's missing pages - so dangerous they had to censor it..
a blue crested flurge is a rare canadian bird..
flurge is a vitamin we all seem to be lacking...

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